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Snap-on Industrial FAQs
How do I contact a Snap-on Industrial Web order representative?
How do I order a Snap-on Catalog?
What is the QuickAdd+ feature?
What are the Customer Service hours for the website? What number do I call?
How often are the FAQs updated?
Do I have to register on in order to browse the catalog?
What are the different ways I can search for an item?
How do I set up an online account with
I forgot my password. What can I do, and how do I get a new one?
My username and password does not work.

Registration Questions
Why do I have to enter my GSA SmartPay card number when I register as a federal government user?
I tried to register online, but I was asked for my Snap-on Account number. Can I register online even though I have never purchased from Snap-on before and I don't have an account number?
I am a current Snap-on Industrial customer, but I don't have my account number, delivery code, ship-to zip code and warehouse information available; nor do I have a copy of a recent packing slip. How can I register online?

Online Account Information
How do I edit my login name?
How do I edit my bill-to information?
How do I add another ship-to address?
What if someone leaves my company?

Ordering and Shipping
How do I order a special part number?
Why can I only purchase with a credit card?
How do I know that my order has been processed?
Will I receive an order confirmation?
How can I look up shipment tracking information?
Who do I contact for the status of my order?

Pricing and Payment Information
What credit cards do you accept for payment?
Is there anything special I need to do to make my bill-to/ship-to tax exempt?
How long will it take for my pricing to be displayed online?
Why are my online prices different from those in the Snap-on catalog?

Shopping Carts
How do I save my shopping cart?
How do I edit the quantity after the item is already in the shopping cart?
How do I clear a shopping cart?
How do I create a new shopping cart?
How do I delete a shopping cart?
How do I rename a shopping cart?

General Questions About Snap-on Industrial
Who do I call to obtain product information?
I am a student. Can I place orders over the Internet and receive my student discount?
I have a socket that has failed. Who do I contact for warranty replacement?
Who do I contact for a breakdown on an item?
Who do I contact for a MSDS sheet?
Once I submit my request for an Internet account, how long does it take for the application to be processed?


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