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Snap-on Industrial FAQs - Shopping Carts

Q: How do I save my shopping cart?
Once the items have been entered, simply click on "Save Cart". You will then be asked to type in the name of your cart; then choose the appropriate radio button to either save your shopping cart for 90 days, or save it as a Template cart, which will save the cart indefinitely. Then click "Submit".

Q: How do I edit the quantity after the item is already in the shopping cart?
Click on "Shopping Cart". Then click in the quantity box and enter the new quantity by typing over the existing quantity. Scroll over to the right and click on "Update".

If you wish to delete a line item, simply scroll to the far right of that item and click on "Delete".

If you have already clicked on "Checkout", your order has already been placed.

Q: How do I clear a shopping cart?
Click "Delete" to the right of each item you wish to remove.

Q: How do I create a new shopping cart?
When shopping for an item, simply click "Add to Cart". Another box will pop up confirming that the item will be added to your shopping cart. Once you click "OK", a new shopping cart is automatically created.

Q: How do I delete a shopping cart?
Click on "Your Saved Carts" in the grey menu bar at the top of the page. A list of your saved carts will be displayed. Simply click the "Delete Cart" button to the right of the shopping cart you wish to remove.

Q: How do I rename a shopping cart?
To rename a shopping cart, click on "Your Saved Carts" at the top of the page. Scroll down to the cart you wish to rename and click on "Rename". Then type in a new name and click "Submit".


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