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The Snap-on Industrial Government Business Unit has been a partner with the Federal Government for many years. Our sales force of Government Specialists works with various federal agencies and branches of the service worldwide to solve their tooling needs. Some of the agencies we serve are:

Department of Defense
United States Postal Service
Supply Center Contractors
NIB, NISH Contractors
Defense Contractors
Federal Agencies; FBI, Forest Service, U.S. Waterways, U.S. Border Patrol, etc.

Services offered:
Turnkey Tool Control
Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA)
Accept Government Credit Card
Product on GSA Advantage
On-site Service by Government Tool Specialists
Best Pricing on our GSA Contracts
Internet Ordering - for United States locations only

Product Areas Offered:
Hand Tools, Power Tools, Tool Storage, Shop Equipment, Diagnostic Equipment, A/C & Recycling: GS-06F-0006L
DUNS#:806095217 Cage Code: 55719 TIN: 364070294
CCR Registered

Industrial Government Business Unit
Phone: 888-418-5600
Fax: 888-418-5900

International Contact
Hand Tools, Power Tools, & Tool Storage: GS-06F-0037K
Geographic Coverage: Europe, Middle East & Africa
Orders from Snap-on Mettmann, Germany; fullfillment from Snap-on U.K.
ITALY ONLY - Orders & Fullfillment from Snap-on Italia
DUNS#: 413190257 Cage Code: H0N40 TIN: 008395536

EMEA Contact Information:
Mettmann, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 2104-9509-0
Fax: +49 (0) 2104-9509-99

ITALY ONLY Contact Info:
Phone: (3902) 6604-5370
Fax: (3902) 6129-7815


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