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Complete Apprentice Tool Set

Apprentice Tool SetSnap-on understands your needs. You can select the tools and sets that make the most sense as you begin your education. As your skills grow and your needs increase, a Snap-on Account Manager will assist you in building the ultimate set matched to your responsibilities. Below are some of our most popular sets for entry-level technicians.

Complete Apprentice Tool Set
This set includes all of the tools listed below. All tools are conveniently packaged in display trays. The box is not included with the set.

  Set Includes:
  Pry Bar, 16"
1/4" Deep Socket Set
1/4" Drive Metric Socket Set
1/4" Drive General Service Socket Set
Battery Service Kit
3/8" Drive Adaptor Set
3/8" Drive Socket Standard Socket Set
3/8" Drive Deep Socket Set
3/8" Drive TORX Drive Set
3/8" Drive Metric Socket Set
3/8" Drive Metric Deep Socket Set
1/2" Drive General Service Socket Set
Pliers, Adjustable Joint
Needle Nose Pliers
1/2" to 3/8" Adaptor
Radiator Hose Tool
Hand Scratch Brush
Adjustable Wrench, 12"
Awl Set
Hex Wrench Set, L-Shape
Hex Wrench Set, Metric
Hammer, Ball Peen, 16 oz.
Carbon Scraper
Circuit Tester
Ratchet 3/8" Drive
Ratchet 3/8" Drive Long-Flex Handle
Feeler Gauges - 4
Extension 3/8" Drive, 11"
Safety Goggles
Hammer, Dead Blow, 16 oz., Plastic Tip
Hack Saw
Combination Wrench, 15/16"
Combination Wrench, 1"
Combination Wrench Set, 3/8" - 7/8"
Combination Wrench Set, Metric, 10-19mm
Pliers Set
Punch & Chisel Set
Pliers, Retaining Ring, Convertible
Telescopic Pick-Up Tool
Wire Stripper with Cutter
Flare Nut Wrench Set, 3/8" - 13/16"
Spark Plug Socket, 13/16", 3/8" Drive
Spark Plug Socket, 5/8", 3/8" Drive
Screwdriver Set
Screwdriver, Ratcheting
Long Shank Drive, 1/4" Drive
Extension 1/4" Drive, 6"
Pliers, Locking
Tape Measure


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