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Snap-on Quality Automotive Hand Tools
In the Snap-on tools catalog you will find hand tools that push the envelope of design possibilities. Indexable head ratchets that will actually work around corners, flexible head ratchets that lock securely at your desired working angle, soft grip but hard working that give you more leverage than ever, unique speed wrenches, the ergonomic palm ratchet, the list of tools goes on and on.
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Snap-on Wrenches
flank drive wrench Flank Drive Plus wrenches feature a patented open end design that delivers up to 62% more turning power than conventional open end wrenches and are available in sizes from 7mm - 25mm and from 1/4" to 1-3/8". Snap-on Flank Drive Plus wrenches deliver more power than anyone ever expected from an open-end design. The box end of Snap-on wrenches features our original famous Flank Drive wrenching system that grips on the sides, away from the corners and helps you turn the most stubborn, and even rounded fasteners. With Snap-on Flank Drive Plus wrenches you get sure-gripping performance at both ends of the wrench.
Search the Snap-on E-catalog for wrenches, adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, strap wrench, chain wrench, crowfoot wrench,and flare nut wrenches
Snap-on Ratchets
hand tools ratchet Professionals always seek the right hand tools for the job. When it comes to selecting a ratchet, no one beats the choices you have at Snap-on tools. In the Snap-on tool catalog you'll find more than 80 ratchets to fit virtually any application - ratchets in chrome, ratchets in industrial finishes, ratchets small enough to nestle in your palm or ratchets large enough for safety. After all, we pioneered interchangeable sockets. It only stands to reason that Snap-on tools gives you every opportunity to turn them.
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Snap-on Sockets
socket set From the revolutionary idea of detachable sockets to the invention of the Flank Drive Wrenching System, the dedication to innovation has created a socket to fit just about every need. Snap-on tools manufactures over 1,500 different sockets in nine drive sizes and approximately 200 styles and types. Innovation helps us keep pace with the ever changing needs of the professional tool user.
  Search the Snap-on E-catalog for sockets, impact sockets, and socket sets.
Snap-on Screwdrivers
Hand Tools Screwdriver
Snap-on tools offers a wide selection of screwdriver sizes and styles to satisfy any job requirement or personal preference. Snap-on tools offers the most comfortable and the most powerful screwdriver handles in the hand tool business. Choose our new Soft-Grip screwdriver models that give you 30% more turning power than any other screwdriver design. Or choose our Power Grip Plus orange handle screwdriver models for the most power available in a hard handle screwdriver.
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Snap-on Pliers
snap-on pliers There is no more perfect match than the two halves that make a pair of Snap-on tools pliers. That's because we make both pieces at the same time on the same machine so the mating surfaces are identical. The joint is smooth, the jaw tips line up exactly and the cutters are perfectly aligned. The jaws are precision-forged and the cutters are differentially heat treated. The teeth are milled like file teeth, sharp and strong, for outstanding grip even at the tips of the jaws. Overlapping cutters are made to shear the work with less effort, and stay sharp longer. Our Stork series needle nose pliers and gripping pliers reach farther, grip harder and do more things than ever. You'll find Snap-on pliers handle just about everything, from electronic assembly to plumbing, from retaining rings to high voltage, from bending to brake work. Another perfect match: Your hand and Snap-on pliers. Nothing even comes close.
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