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ATC - Automated Tool Control

What if you could get advanced tool security and complete inventory management in one comprehensive system? The new Snap-on ATC - Automated Tool Control system provides both in one elegant package.

It starts with electronic, keyless entry. Each employee’s ID/Keycard is coded so that ATC can continuously record exactly who enters the box and when.

ATC automatically detects which tools have been removed or returned. Every tool is always accounted for and you’re always assured of highly accurate asset management and FOD-FME compliance.

ATC provides tool box FOD-FME status and a one touch listing of all tools out, who they are issued to and where they are being used.

Comprehensive analysis, reporting and auditing can be performed from administrator workstations located anywhere on the network.

ATC works hand in hand with our TC Max inventory tracking software so you can track inventory records in real time from any location you choose.

You may also be interested in ATC + TAH kits which combine the ATC system with Tools at Height tools.


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