Snap-on Cloud

   Select Snap-on diagnostic tools include a built-in feature that automatically transfers code scan reports and other data to the Snap-on Cloud (


Snap-on Cloud is a mobile-friendly cloud-based application designed specifically for technicians to store, organize and share information.

Automatically transfer vehicle code scan reports from your diagnostic tool to the Snap-on Cloud.
Access and manage your Snap-on Cloud account, using your mobile device or PC.
Share/send reports and data files via e-mail, or other mobile apps.
Tag reports (attach a descriptive key-name) to help you organize and search report files.
Search your saved files by Tag, Description and Title.

Getting Started

To use the Snap-on Cloud:

The diagnostic tool must be connected to a Wi-Fi network, see the Wi-Fi Setup section in your diagnostic tool user manual.
A Snap-on Profile Manager Account is required:
If you are a new user, you will need to create a Snap-on Profile Manager account and link your diagnostic tool to it, see New User - Create an Individual Account.
If you already have a Snap-on Profile Manager account, see Adding Snap-on Cloud to your Snap-on Profile Manager Account.

If you are a new owner (tool acquired secondhand), you must enter the tool's serial number and related information in your Snap-on Profile Manager account. If you do not register the tool to your account, captured files (data) will be sent to the previous owners account.

Important Information

Wi-Fi connection is required to upload the reports to the Snap-on Cloud. If the device is not connected to a Wi-Fi network when the reports are generated, they will not be sent to your account.
Navigation and menu options will vary by device and/or operating system (PC, mobile, etc). Some menu selections may be grayed out or not shown, indicating the option is not supported on your device/system. Some menu options shown in these instructions may be not be available on your device.
The Snap-on Cloud is continuously monitored for inappropriate content. Abuse (as determined by moderator) will result in account deactivation.