Adding Snap-on Cloud to your Snap-on Profile Manager

If you already have a Snap-on Profile Manager account, but need to link your diagnostic tool to it, then follow these steps to setup your Snap-on Cloud access.

If you have already linked (Added this Device) your diagnostic tool to your Snap-on Profile Manager account, you are already setup. These instructions are not applicable.

1. The diagnostic tool must be connected to a Wi-Fi network, see the Wi-Fi Setup section in your diagnostic tool user manual.
2. Write down the Serial Number, PIN and Code that are displayed when the device connects to the Wi-Fi network, or leave the screen displayed.

The PIN and Code numbers will change each time you view the Snap-on Cloud Get Connected screen; this is normal. Any set of PIN and Code numbers displayed may be used to register.

3. Using an Internet connected device, visit and select Create Individual Account from the Login screen.
4. Log in using your Snap-on Profile Manager Username and Password.
5. Open Profile Manager (additional login may be required).
6. From the Device Management tab, select Add Device.

7. Enter your Serial Number, PIN, Code, and Device Name.
8. Log out of Profile Manager, then select the ALTUS Home Page browser tab to get started.
9. Reboot your diagnostic tool. (Ensure it is connected to Wi-Fi.)

Your diagnostic tool is now registered to your account. Code scan reports will be automatically sent (only when connected to Wi-Fi) to your online account from the device.

If the device is not connected to a Wi-Fi network when the code scan is performed, it will not be sent to the Snap-on Cloud account. Wi-Fi connection is required to upload.