Connecting the USB Cable - PC to Tool

The method in establishing communication between the PC and tool, varies depending on the tool. Most later model tools use a USB connection.

Typical Connection

The USB cable must be equipped with an A-Type USB connector on one end to connect to a PC. The other end of the cable, must have a Mini-b (5-pin) USB connector.

1. Connect the A-Type end of the cable into the USB jack on your PC.
2. Connect the other end of the cable into the USB jack on the tool.

Typical USB Cable and Connection

3. Connect and use the AC power supply to power the tool, then turn on the tool.
4. From the Home screen on the diagnostic tool, select Tools, then select Connect-to-PC from the menu (typical screen shown below). The USB connection is automatic.
5. On the PC, start the ShopStream Connect application.

Alternate Connection (micro SD)

If USB connection is not possible, the diagnostic tool micro SD card can be used to access files.

1. With the diagnostic tool turned off, remove the micro SD card.
2. Use a micro SD card reader connected to your PC to access the files, using the SSC software.