Software Updates (Direct Download)

Getting Software Updates & Service Releases using ShopStream® Self-Service

   Wi-Fi is Required to Use This Application !   

These instructions are for diagnostic tools that HAVE the built-in Software Update feature. If you do not have this feature, see ShopStream Connect for information on installing software updates, or contact your Snap-on representative.

If you are eligible to perform your own software installation (depending on software subscription / purchase status) , and your diagnostic tool HAS the built-in Software Update feature, then you can directly install software updates for your diagnostic tool using the following instructions.

READ THIS BEFORE YOU START - Depending on your Wi-Fi connection and the size of the update, download times will vary. Download times can range from 40 to 120 minutes or more.

Software upgrades are automatically downloaded, when:

You have the diagnostic tool turned on
Wi-Fi is turned on
A software update is available

The download will automatically start unless you are actively communicating with a vehicle, as it will wait until vehicle communications are stopped.

When a software update is occurring a download arrow icon is displayed in the status bar .

To indicate when the download is ready to be installed:

a check mark is displayed in the status bar
a dot is displayed by the Tools icon on the home screen
a dot is displayed on the Software Updates menu

If the download is interrupted such as if the Wi-Fi connection is lost, or the Internet connection drops out, an exclamation mark icon is displayed in the status bar . Should this occur reboot the tool in order to restart the download.

1. Connect the AC power supply to the diagnostic tool.
2. Once the download has completed, select Software Updates.

3. Choose when you want to install the update:
a. Install Now—starts the installation immediately
b. Finish Later—allows you to install the update at another time. To install the software later, re-select Tools > Software Updates

End User License Agreement (EULA) acceptance is required to complete the installation.

4. Review the EULA, then click the checkbox and select Agree and Continue.

Use of Software is governed by the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement. The diagnostic tool should not be initially operated until the End User License Agreement is read. Use of the device acknowledges your acceptance of the End User License Agreement. The Snap-on Incorporated Software End User License Agreement is available at:

The installation will complete, then prompt you to restart the diagnostic tool.

5. Restart the tool to complete the update.