Ariel Dickinson

Associate Pricing Analyst

Snap-on Industrial 

Kenosha, WI 

Years with Snap-on: 3


Positions Held at Snap-on: Associate Pricing Analyst

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Integrative Studies from Alverno College.         

Interesting Snap-on Stories: The upper management here is so approachable and welcoming. When I started working at Snap-on, I didn’t know many of our top executives. I would often run into them in the hallways, and they would wave, say hi, or chat. All of the managers and supervisors I have worked for have always been very accessible and helpful. Snap-on has a positive, motivating work environment, and I know that can be credited to the fabulous leadership.

An Interesting Thing About My Snap-on Story: I initially accepted a position with Snap-on as a temporary associate covering for an ill coworker. As time went on, my manager and director entrusted me with more important projects, and I was able to more clearly demonstrate my strong skills. Snap-on is dedicated to a strong, committed work environment, and it shows in their leadership.

Recent Accomplishments: While working at Snap-on, I completed and graduated this year from Alverno College with a degree in Integrative Studies with an emphasis in Professional Communication.

Family: I was in foster care, and I now have a small group of people that supported me along the way that I call my family.

Hobbies & Interests:  I really enjoy sewing, film-making, and rock climbing. I am also very interested in advocacy work, particularly for foster children. I am currently working on a project called Love Speaks Hope, which will help empower and unite foster children through story-telling. I’m hoping to be an example to foster children that they can lead happy, successful lives if they are willing to believe in themselves and work hard. My job at Snap-on has given me the confidence to reach out and say to these children, “You absolutely can do it; don’t give up!”

Favorite Snap-on Item: I absolutely love the socket bottle openers. Sadly, it is discontinued now, but everyone I show thinks it is just the greatest little gadget. I also really like my magnetic screwdriver set; it is perfect for all of my DIY projects around the house.

What does it mean to you to work for Snap-on?
I am surrounded by supportive management that looks for the strengths of employees.  This fills me with confidence and makes me look forward to coming to work. I love that I am able to express my creativity and curiosity and use it for the benefit of this company.

Would you recommend Snap-on to a friend?
I would recommend Snap-on to any of my friends without any hesitation. When you work at a place that truly celebrates your strengths, it fills you with confidence and enthusiasm; you look forward to coming to work. I’ve found that here at Snap-on.


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