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How You Can Benefit From AC Servicing

The summer season is when air conditioning is at its most popular among drivers so you can capitalise on this to generate revenue for your workshop with almost no extra labour requirements.

Owners know that their vehicles’ air conditioning systems require servicing and recharging every couple of years, especially if they want to keep them in peak working order so they can stay cool and comfortable when the temperatures go up.

But over time, air conditioning systems do become less effective when their levels of refrigerant run low and when that happens, that is where you can step in to drive additional revenue without too much additional effort.

Using one of Sun’s KoolKare range of air conditioning servicing units, it takes just 90 seconds to get set up – from connecting the unit and identifying the vehicle and inputting any additional data required.

Then it’s just a case of pushing the ‘start’ button and allowing the machine – for example the Blizzard PRO, the most popular model in the KoolKare range – to work its magic.

How the Blizzard PRO can earn you money while you work on something else

The Blizzard PRO is a fully automatic recovery and recycling unit with automatic taps so you can just set up the recycling procedure and leave it to run while you deal with other jobs in the workshop. No more operator input is required until the end of the procedure.

This all means that while you are working and earning money, your air conditioning servicing unit is doing just that at the same time – so your revenue is going up despite your workload barely increasing at all.

Average charges for an air conditioning recycle in the UK vary, but from our research we find you can easily charge £45 for the procedure – so the opportunity for increased revenue is high.

The Blizzard PRO can service hybrid cars and can also be further upgraded with KoolKlean, a revolutionary purification system that cleans and sanitises the vehicle, eliminating any bad odours, such as cigarette smoke.

The KoolKare Blizzard PRO is yet another way for a workshop to satisfy the needs of the vehicle owner and increase a garage’s revenue.

See the full range of Sun car air conditioning machines.

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