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Food Safety Solutions

Snap-on assists organisations in the food supply chain to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices, Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures and Food Safety Audits. 

There are many activities in a food production plant that can result in the transfer of microorganisms or foreign objects from plant personnel to the food product. 

In addition to direct bacterial transfer by an individual, indirect transfer can be via tools and equipment used for maintenance tasks. So, anything that moves within a facility is a potential source of contamination and must be tracked and controlled. 

Tools should be constructed from materials that are as “microbe” free as possible and be designed and manufactured to prevent foreign object contamination of the product line.  

Snap-on can provide the tools, systems and expertise to help you achieve a highly effective, food safe, facility maintenance regime that protects your products, personnel, assets and reputation. 

High Quality Hand Tools

Snap-on tools are crafted from the highest quality materials to the most rigorous standards. They are are easy to clean, sanitize and maintain in good order.

Finished with our superior nickel-chrome plating, the danger of “chrome peel” found in inferior tools is eliminated.

Tethered Safety Tools

Tools@Height is our tethered tooling system which features proven tool control and security. Used in essential industries worldwide, the safety system is essential when working at high level, and at low level, above or adjacent to food processing equipment.

Food Safe Tool Kits  

KSK666 Kit 



KSK742 Kit 

Dairy Crest


KSK901 Kit 

Expert Electrical 


Snap-on produce a wide range of tool kits for use in the maintenance of food production facilities. These kits are designed and built to customer requirements and meet the Compliance Rules of many major food producers. Features include:- 

  • tool control foam used in our kits is Food Safe
  • tools are laser engraved to give them a unique identity.
  • stainless steel tool cabinets are available in various sizes.
  • different colour tool boxes and tool control foam can be used to distinguish between food and non-food production areas.

Tool Control Systems

Snap-on is a renowned manufacturer of FOD (Foreign Object Damage) prevention and FME (Foreign Material Elimination) systems. We serve critical industries worldwide and can design and build a tool control and security system to suit you.

Our ATC (Automated Tool Control) and TCMax (Asset Management) systems enable you to track, control and audit tools, equipment, consumables .... giving you complete and immediate local and network monitoring and auditing.


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