Take 5 and Rest Easy

Level 5 offers a scalable, customizable solution, one that let's you work more safely, with fewer losses of time, talent and equipment. And when you have that kind of control, the sky's the limit.

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Eliminating Danger is Our Business

FOD isn’t just dangerous – it’s costly, accounting for over a billion in annual damages. You need a system that takes tool control to a whole new level: Level 5.


Level 5 counters FOD in 5 ways: tool organization, visibility, security, tracking and digital accountability. No tool goes unaccounted for, so you'll know - in real-time - who's using which tools, on which aircraft, at what time. It's the most comprehensive program of its kind in the industry.
























"Safety has always been our #1 priority - it isn't something that we will compromise on. By using Snap-on's tooling systems, we are confident that we can improve our leading safety standards even further."


Mick Adams


















Atc Level 5

What does Automated Tool Control (ATC) provide? Ultimate tool control. Featuring advanced digital imaging technology and proprietary software, Level 5 ATC scans the tool drawer and identifies which tools are being removed and returned – in real-time. So you know where all tools are, at all times. And when tools are accounted for, techs work more productively. To help decrease losses, eliminate FOD, improve accountability and boost production, ATC is A-one.

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