Can't find the tool you need? Let Snap-on Industrial build it for you.

Custom Tool Manufacturing

Can't find the tool you need? Let us build it for you.

At Snap-on we do special tools right.  A total team approach with specialists who analyze the task, the application and the technician - people who work closely with you to get to the optimum solution.  The process, the production, the product, everything is all Snap-on, right down to the ergonomics. 
We build it.  We make it fit.  We stand behind it.

Fitting the job to a "T"

A fortune 500 heavy equipment manufacturer needed help wtih a difficult servo adjustment screw on their hydrostatic control unit.  Snap-on developed a special kit consisting of three t-handle racheting tools.  Now the job gets done easier, faster and with less training.  The kit is now used throughout the company's global service network.