Trackability and Accountability
Taking it to the next level with systems that incorporate trackability and accountability. More than control - Level 5 is a complete management system, providing broader and deeper knowledge about your tools and the people who use them. Hardware solutions, software solutions, committed to the highest levels of control, applied according to your needs, to give you better confidence and more peace of mind.


Automated Tool Control (ATC)
The new Snap-on Level 5 Automated Tool Control system provides both advanced tool security and complete inventory management in one elegant package. ATC continuously and automatically records who enters each tool box and when. Each time the box is opened, the Automated Tool Control System uses digital imaging technology to scan and record contents of the drawer. Every tool is always accounted for and you’re always assured of being FOD compliant.


Networkable Tool Control (NTC)
Networkable Tool Control allows you to track and manage an unlimited number of boxes with up to 500 active users per box using one keyless entry system. Employee ID key cards are used to access the work station, and then a signal is sent back to the central hub, giving you complete access records. Available in both wired and wireless platforms, NTC offer advanced FOD protection with enormous flexibility, providing the options you need to fit your unique storage setup.


Visual Control Cabinet


Even a Tray is a Control System
At Snap-on, a tool tray is much more than just a way to ship tools. It's a self-contained control system. Our trays are robust and built to last. And each tool has its own place. So you know where the tools go and when they are missing. Immediately.


Pocket Badges
Brings added security to custom tool sets. Pocket badges are placed next to individual pockets in tray foam inserts to identify tools, using labels with bar codes, serial numbers, part numbers, NSN numbers, data matrix and other customized identification systems.


Specialized Tool Kits
Your needs, your system, your personnel are unlike anybody else's. Which is why Snap-on offers a broad range of specialized kits. Hard and soft storage units, fixed and portable, boxes, bags, pouches and belts to match your production, maintenance and repair needs.


Laser Engraving
We'll engrave your identification marks, numbers or logos, tool kit reference numbers and more. It's all about ensuring the best security, productivity and control. And we'll work with you to achieve the best solution for your staff and operations.


TCMAX Software
TCMax will help you digitize your tool box or workshop, ensuring that tools and equipment are fully accounted for. It's tool control software that talks, eliminating the need to repeatedly look at the computer screen between barcode scans. It also communicates with our Keyless Entry System for the ultimate in tool control.