Networkable Tool Control System (NTC)

Networkable Tool Control allows you to track and manage an unlimited number of boxes with up to 500 active users per box using one keyless entry system. Employee ID key cards are used to access the work station, and then a signal is sent back to the central hub, giving you complete access records. Available in both wired and wireless platforms, NTC offer advanced FOD protection with enormous flexibility, providing the options you need to fit your unique storage setup.

NTC provides advanced FOD protection. All tools can be serialized to specific boxes with a simple bar code and scan mechanism for easy check out and return. After the employee scans the tool, a record is generated. This means you get real time inventory management capabilities, giving you the who, what and when of all of your tool assets.

Additionally, the Networkable Tool Control system provides enormous flexibility to fit your workplace. It offers both wired and wireless connections, so you have options to fit your unique storage setup. Battery backup gives you an additional layer of security in case of power outage. Plus, usage report generation is easy. Connect a printer directly to the central hub, or monitor activity from a separate location in real time. It’s the versatility you need for total tool control in any environment.


Networkable Tool Control System (NTC) Brochure