TCMax is Snap-on's software system that takes asset management to a new level

TCMax Tool Control Software

TCMax is the software system that's taking tool control and workshop asset management to a whole new level of speed, control, accuracy and cost effectiveness.

A simple, intuitive, interactive screen confirms issue and turn-in, tracks calibration schedules and maintenance, manages inventory and ordering, transfers assets from one employee to another, and generates as many reports as needed - all with audio prompts.

  • Simple and intuitive, easy to learn and operate
  • Audio "issue" and "turn in" lets personnel scan barcodes faster, without looking at screen.
  • Audio alarms for calibration and inspection history, as well as uncertified personnel.
  • No constant switching of screens.  TCMax is fast and that increases productivity.
  • Full reports on tools and assets, location, employee, restocking/ordering and more - the total digital information trail.
  • Single bar code for multiple identical tools and equipment.
  • Tools and equipment can be marked for single use or in quantity.
  • Assign attachments to an asset, such as an instruction book for a tool or an MSDS for a chemical, then access the attachment with a single keystroke.