Snap-on Industrial Total Asset Management with Level 5 - The most comprehensive program of its kind.

Level5™ Tool Control Systems

Keep you working - safer, more efficiently, more productively, with fewer losses of time, talent and equipment.

  1. Organization:
    Tool trays, foam kits, computer assisted "list to layouts".
  2. Visibility:
    Color control for special needs, wall mounted tool control boards, professionally engineered foam cut layouts.
  3. Security:
    Tool chit card and reader system, pocket badges to mark foam kits, keyless (cards not keys) for better security and control.
  4. Trackability:
    Laser tool engraving to match your ID system, specialized kits, boxes and bags, to match your needs.
  5. Accountability:
    True-Fit virtual inventory, barcode readers, software control and reporting for the ultimate in record keeping.


Automated Tool Control (ATC)

The new Snap-on Level 5 Automated Tool Control system provides both advanced tool security and complete inventory management in one elegant package

Networkable Tool Control (NTC)

Networkable Tool Control allows you to track and manage an unlimited number of boxes with up to 500 active users per box using one keyless entry system.

Visual Control Cabinet


TCMax® Tool Control Software

The world's most advanced tool control asset management system is also simple, easy to learn and operate, and accurate.