This set has been strategically assembled to provide a more advanced selection of metric-sized tools, including ratchets, metric sockets and extensions, adapters, flair nut wrenches, snap ring pliers, punches and chisels, a 3/8" drive torque wrench and more.

1206GS 6-Piece Combination Drive Adaptor Set OEXM210B 21mm 12-Point Metric Flank Drive® Combination Wrench
208EPIT 8-Piece Impact Driver Set OEXM220B 22mm 12-Point Metric Flank Drive® Combination Wrench
305ASX 1/2" Drive 5-Piece Knurled Extension Set OEXM240B 24mm 12-Point Metric Flank Drive® Combination Wrench
310TWMYA 1/2" Drive 10-Piece Shallow 6-Point Metric Socket Set PPC710BK 11-Piece Punch and Chisel Set
312CP 11" Heavy-Duty Diagonal Cutter TQFR250E 1/2" Drive 40-250 ft. lb. Flex-Ratchet Adjustable Click Type Torque Wrench
313TSMYA 1/2" Drive 13-Piece Deep 6-Point Metric Socket Set RXFMS606B 6-Piece 6-Point Metric Flare Nut Double End Wrench Set
388CF 7-3/4" High Leverage Diagonal Cutter S80A 1/2" Drive 10-5/16" Dual 80® Ratchet
911CF 11" Long Reach Needle Nose Pliers SGHBF500A 4-Piece Soft Grip File Set
97CF 9" Needle Nose Pliers SLF80A 1/2" Drive 24-13/16" Long Handle Flex Head Dual 80® Ratchet
HBBD32 32 oz. Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammer SRPC107 7-Piece Retaining Ring Pliers Set
HBFE24 24 oz. Dead Blow Hammer