Being the complete technician requires a complete selection of non-metric tools, too. This set has been configured to supply an assortment of indispensable tools, including sockets, bit sockets, combination wrenches (standard and ratcheting), a 1/2" drive long ratchet and more.

120STTM 1/4" Drive 20-Piece Shallow and Deep 6-Point Socket Set OEX711B 11-Piece 12-Point Combination Wrench Set
208EFAY 3/8" Drive 8-Piece Hex Socket Driver Set RXFS605B 5-Piece 6-Point Flare Nut Double End Wrench Set
222SFFS 3/8" Drive 22-Piece Shallow and Deep 6-Point Socket Set SL80A 1/2" Drive 15" Long Handle Dual 80® Ratchet
313TSYA 1/2" Drive 13-Piece Deep 6-Point Socket Set SOEXR707 7-Piece 12-Point Flank Drive® Plus Ratcheting Box/Open End Combination Wrench Set
313TWYA 11" Heavy-Duty Diagonal Cutter