Every job calls for a different set of tools. Snap-on delivers an unprecedented level of customization to address your unique requirements. From custom kitting solutions, to engineering new custom tools to deal with your specific problem, if you need to find the right tools for your job, you’ve come to the right place.



custom tools

where your need meets our know-how.

Ever wish you could just design a tool to your exact needs and specifications? With Snap-on, you can. We take a total team approach, with engineers who work closely with you to develop the right solution from the design, testing, and production, right down to the ergonomics. If you need a custom solution, you can count on Snap-on to get the job done.

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Custom Tools


Modular Storage

modular industrial storage

customize. organize. optimize.

You know your workspace better than anyone else. That’s why Snap-on allows you to customize every feature of your storage solution to fit any industrial setting or process. Choose your width, height, drawers, color, layout and more. No matter your specifications, our storage systems are tough and safe, with durable safety and security features at the core of every design. It’s everything you need to get the workspace that works for you.

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level 5 tool control

take customization to the next level

The Snap-on Level 5 tool control system is designed to fit any level of activity you need to manage. From application specific tool kits to seamlessly integrated access control to fully automated systems that monitor who has which tools and where they’re working, Snap-on Level 5 improves every aspect of tool management. And it works with your crew to decrease downtime and improve productivity. That way everyone can concentrate on what matters most – the job at hand.

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Level 5


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