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Nuclear Maintenance Kit KSK1140  

We have delivered several FME tool kits to the Hinkley Point B nuclear power station. Working closely with EDF engineers, we designed and produced the KSK1140 tool kit to meet their precise maintenance requirements.
Tools are housed in a KRL756APBO roll cab and security is assured by our Gen 3 electronic access system which allows only authorised technicians to open the drawers. 
Instead of foam tool control pads it was decided to use shadow boards to which tools are clipped. This enables technicians wearing thick gloves better access to the tools.  
Because the kits are located in radioactive areas, the shadow boards can be easily removed and wiped down to reduce contamination.
Our TC Max asset management system is operational in the maintenance stores at Hinkley Point B where it helps staff to track and control tools, equipment, consumables and rigging gear.
For more information, please visit Nuclear Tool Solutions

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