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Customer Testimonials

Ian Durston Motor Services, Walton, Somerset, purchased a Prism wheel aligner:

"I recently bought a Prism wheel aligner from Snap-on. I had been speaking with your salesman about options and when a unit came up on your Snap-on Consumables website, it was at such a good price that I really could not refuse. 

"The system itself is really good and the service is what you would expect from Snap-on."

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Swiss Valley Garage, Clevedon, purchased a Snap-on MODIS Ultra diagnostic platform:

"The MODIS Ultra is great. I think the best feature on this is tool is Code Scan. Having the ability to scan through car systems and view everything in one go is really useful. 

"And then there is SureTrack, which gives real-world fixes. This gives me loads of information which we use regularly.

"We are on subscription so we always have the latest updates, which Andy visits to do every six months. The latest software update 17.4 was a bumper edition."

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Ignition Motorsport, Newbury, purchased a Sun MOT bay:

"What has always impressed me is that Mike understands that our life isn’t 9-5. If we hadn’t done things at night we wouldn’t be here now.

"We have a business to run and working until 10pm can happen often, especially whilst you try to move locations. That’s why it meant a lot that Mike picked his phone up after 7pm.

"Mike also provided timelines and checklists so we knew where we were on a daily and weekly basis. He always had time for us and really went beyond our expectations."

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A&S MOT Ltd, Reading, purchased a Sun MOT bay and wheel aligner:

"We know that once you get a customer in for an MOT you’re more likely to get them in the door again for a service or repair.

"MOTs are therefore a major part of our business – therefore it’s critical that the equipment we use is reliable, as something breaking down for a day means you lose a day’s revenue.

"Aside from the money, it can have so many knock-on effects. It’s important that we selected the right equipment.

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Motorcare, Woking, purchased a Sun MOT bay:

"Sun have successfully supplied equipment for the business many times previously, so for me it was a ‘no brainer’ to approach Mike to quote for the equipment we needed.

"The price was extremely competitive and Mike knows the DVSA regulations inside-out, so they were an obvious choice of supplier."

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Brook Recovery Limited, Liversedge, purchased a Sun MOT Bay:

"I had made a number of enquiries with different suppliers. Snap-on not only gave the best price but I felt they had a slicker process.

"This process started with Mike Bell, my Snap-on sales representative. I liked his approach; he explained everything I needed to know but he didn’t force the situation.   

"I hadn’t owned an MOT bay before but I didn’t have to worry about that. Mike provided all the support and managed the DVSA application process for me.

"There is so much that needs to be organised, if I’d done it myself I would have really struggled."

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RAG Collections, Reading, purchased a Sun MOT bay:

"The biggest challenge for this project was working out where the MOT bay was going to go as all the pipe work for the building is within the internal walls. It meant a lot of mapping out on Mike's part.

"The groundwork team had a task ahead of them. They spent 14-16 hours working away at the reinforced concrete – there was dust everywhere, but once they packed up the space was back to normal. They were amazing. 

"Mike did a great job of managing this project; I mean that from the bottom of my heart. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. There is so much information and paperwork to absorb.

"I highly recommend him."

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CD Motors, Rhondda, purchased a Sun 3D four-wheel aligner:

"I’ve been in this industry for 39 years, and I’ve been dealing with Snap-on Tools for 33 of them. I have always thought that Snap-on’s customer service and quality was excellent.

"So once I discovered that they supplied wheel aligners, it seemed like a good choice. That was in 2012; five years on and I’ve never had an issue with my aligner. 

"Over the last five years we have seen wheel alignment grow in general. Prior to 2012 we only provided basic tracking to our customers. Our 3D four wheel aligner does a more comprehensive and accurate job and as a result we are now able to do more work with body shops. This has been a good growth area for us." 

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T Clarke, purchased a Sun four-post lift and two jacking beams:

"I was very impressed with the professionalism and I thought the service I received was excellent from start to finish.

"Years back, I had a lift installed by another company. All they did was turn up, bolt it to the floor and leave. However, the guys who installed my new Sun lift were in from 8am to 6.30pm.

"I’ve not seen a company conduct such a thorough site survey and was very pleased with the way the floor level was calculated. 

"A job done well is very important to me, which is why it was nice to see how much care the install guys took in their work. It was a cracking job."




Gary Wilkins, GMS in Tavistock, purchased a Snap-on VERUS Edge handheld diagnostic platform:

"The VERUS stood apart from anything else in the market. We’ve always thought SureTrack was good and then there are the Technical Service Bulletins which are great part of the VERUS.

"Across the board, it is a good diagnostic tool which I keep with me through the day. We use it as our central hub – we run everything through it from customer bookings to ordering parts.

"The most useful part of the tool for me is the scope. It tells me what’s wrong and I don’t have to rely on guess work."

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Andrew Parsons, Thurlow Nunn in Holt, purchased a Sun automated test lane and a V2200 wheel alignment system:

"From the very beginning Paul was thorough. After we explained what we wanted he produced drawings and gave us some good advice. As well as a new ATL we decided to upgrade our wheel alignment system and Paul was able to give us all the information we needed. 

"The quote Snap-on gave us was slightly dearer than the other suppliers, but Paul explained the benefits of the Sun products, without putting the other competitors down, which I liked. He had confidence in his products and was able to share videos on his mobile to communicate the good bits to us.

"The ATL seemed to be an all-rounder; for example, the shaker plates were integrated into the lift rather than an add-on feature. Ultimately the Snap-on products looked to be a superior and with the customer service, which we’ve always been happy with, we told Paul to raise the order."

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Tony Duckhouse, AJD Auto Repairs, underwent a workshop upgrade including new lifts: 

"When Paul, the local Snap-on representative, visited our garage he approached the project with solutions rather than problems. He was great at following up calls and answering queries.

"I hadn’t considered Snap-on until then because I expected the quote to be too expensive, but when Paul priced up I was surprised to find that Snap-on was only slightly higher in cost. With a competitive quote and a service level which was clearly superior, Snap-on was looking to be the right choice.

"In hindsight I regret not doing the project sooner; I was always concerned about the potential disruption to my business. In reality the process was smooth and allowed us to get up and running instantly.

"Overall, I have been completely satisfied and will look to use Snap-on again. We are looking at upgrading and modernising our current Class 4/Class 7 and motorcycle MOT bay, along with installation of four-wheel alignment equipment."

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Dusan Knezevic, Tenen UK, purchased an ATL bay: "The process was up to the standard you’d expect. Every detail was considered, from the use of top-grade concrete to hosing down the car park after completing the groundworks. I’ve been pleased with the equipment quality too; the technology, like your tablet is great, I know what I’ve got is the best.

"We’ve only been up and running since March but we are already bringing in good business. Having a workshop with equipment that looks professional makes a good impression on our customers.

"The whole process took 60 days and I’ve been impressed at every step. Yes, the cost is higher but the support and service you receive makes the difference. With a big investment like this you want the job done well."

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Andrew Burton, Cypress Autoservices, purchased a 3D wheel alignment system: "The machine has been bulletproof, as the rep told us when he did the demo.

"The accuracy, reliability, ease of use and above all profitability is everything they said it was. This has been a really positive move for our business. After using this we would never go back to a CCD-based wheel alignment system."




Joginder Rajal, BBS Autos, purchased a Class VII ATL bay and a V2200 3D wheel alignment system: "I knew that I didn’t have to worry about overlooking something as Snap-on had it covered. The plans were drawn up and we were given the drawings so we could see where everything would fit, and we spent some time working out the best way to finance it.

"When it came to financing the products, I decided to go with a Snap-on finance package. Financing the purchase for me meant that I can get the equipment installed and get on with making some revenue to cover the costs and I didn’t have to tie up all of my capital.

"Including the computerised alignment in our purchase was definitely the right decision. We are now offering alignment as part of all our services and it’s become a great and consistent revenue stream for us."




Anthony Mylordos, Ashford Motors, purchased a 3D wheel alignment system: "We now carry out an alignment check as part of our routine service procedure and if the vehicle is out of alignment we print off the report to show to our customers and explain to them that the green sections mean everything is ok and red sections mean that some adjustments need to be made.

"I am now seeing a regular income stream from just being proactive and offering the service. The way the report is laid out really helps the customer to understand what the problem is and I explain that making the adjustments will ensure their tyres last longer and give them much better fuel economy. So it really saves them money in the long term and means they are happy with our service.

"It has been a good investment for us. It’s a great piece of kit that we are now seeing consistent revenue from."




Bod Kennington, Kennington Commercials, purchased a Commercial Diagnostics Unit: "It is so quick to use and we have not found anything that it can’t do. It means you can do jobs from start to finish as before, if say we had put a new clutch in we would have had to have taken it to a main dealer for the calibration but now we can do that ourselves.

"It has saved us a lot of money and it has earned us a lot of money too because people come to us now knowing we have the unit so we can offer the repair work as well as the diagnostics.

"I cannot fault the support and backup from Snap-on one bit and I would definitely recommend the unit."




Simon Harvey, Carteks, purchased an ATL bay: "We moved into our current workshop from what was a little shed, we could only fit three cars in there, and at the time we were getting a garage over the road to do MOTs for us as it seemed like the quickest thing to do.

"But after a while I started to think, ‘We could cover the costs of an ATL bay with the revenue we would earn from carrying out our own customers’ MOTs.’

"Snap-on handled everything after we made the enquiry. The plans were drawn up and we were given the drawings so we could see where everything would fit, and we spent some time working out the best way to finance it.

"Getting the plans together was pretty straightforward and sign-off from the DVSA only took a few weeks."




John Cooksley, JC Motorcycles, purchased an MOT bay: "I have been using Snap-on tools for many years and have tried and tested the products, so I am aware of the quality of the products and service from Snap-on so I wanted to get a Snap-on bay into my garage.

"Snap-on provided all the drawings and helped us with the documentation so the entire process, from the first visit to the bay being installed, took just eight weeks.

"The fitting time was very quick, the installation team came in and the bay was in the ground and completed within one day, and the site was left looking clean and tidy.

"I know that there are cheaper bays out there, but I chose to go with Snap-on because of the level of service and the quality of the product they provide. I also realised that the entire process of getting DVSA approval is made much simpler by going through Snap-on."




Stephen Smith, Bedford Borough Council, purchased an MOT bay: "It makes a change to be able to draft such a positive mail when dealing with a project like this but I thought it was only appropriate to pass on my thanks.

"Any issues/queries that we have raised have been dealt with in a thoroughly professional manner and we have been kept informed at all times during the different stages of the installation."




Jason Hughes, HC MOT Service, purchased an MOT bay: "After an hour’s consultation I knew exactly where I was. I had the costs, finance options and every piece of information I required.

"I chose the option with groundwork. I was a little concerned about the mess as we were a live workshop with prestige vehicles and clientele coming and going. Incredibly there was NO MESS, and the guys were in and out in four days. The installation team were fast, friendly and very professional.

"As promised, the whole job was managed and completed on schedule. It can seem like a massive task, but everything went smoothly and according to plan - I would recommend Snap-on to manage it. Use the people who know. I did!"




Billy Sohal, Hilton Autogas, purchased an MOT bay: "I had been planning an MOT bay for a long time with another company and it had been a long process due to height restrictions.

"The local Snap-on man visited out of the blue and I explained to him the issues we had over the past ten months, so he suggested we had a pit bay.

"Snap-on completed the bay within eight weeks of that day, along with numerous other pieces of equipment."




Geoffrey Pritchard, Avon Motors, purchased an MOT bay: "I have a good relationship with my Snap-on dealer so I asked his advice on setting up an MOT bay. He sent in the local equipment rep who gave me all the prices, finance options and information I required.

"I opted for the complete package with groundwork and the rep took care of all the documentation and DVSA forms. The bay was up and running with ten weeks. Superb equipment, superb service – I’m very happy!"

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