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Locking Down The Problem

A driver brought his vehicle – a 2008 Volkswagen Golf 1.9L – to be checked out as the front driver’s side door would not open.

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Date published: 16 February 2018


Audi TT Stalling in the Rain

Find out how the winter weather was beaten when dealing with an Audi TT that kept stalling in the rain.

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Date published: 15 January 2018


VW Golf Real Fix

A 2009 Volkswagen Golf with a 2.0L engine arrived in the workshop with the customer reporting that the right-front power windows, power door locks and power mirrors were inoperative.

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Date published: 18 December 2017





The Complete Fix - Lane Departure System

Read how Snap-on diagnostic platforms and Sun garage equipment can be used in combination to help get a car ready for return to its driver after its windscreen has been replaced.

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Date published: 9 February 2018


Use The Sun DGA5000 Free Measure Mode

The DGA5000 emissions analyser from Sun acts as the hub for your MOT activity – but there will also be times when you need to get emissions results on a vehicle while you aren’t carrying out a full test.

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Date published: 10 January 2018


The Complete Fix - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Warning

If a vehicle comes into a workshop with an illuminated TPMS warning light, this can be diagnosed and fixed by following a series of steps and with the aid of Snap-on diagnostic platforms and Sun garage equipment.

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Date published: 8 December 2017







Swiss Valley Garage, Clevedon

Read why a Snap-on diagnostic platform has been integral to the operations of Swiss Valley Garage in Clevedon, near Bristol.

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Date published: 29 January 2018


Ignition Motorsport, Newbury

Colin Minton, owner of Ignition Motorsport, relocated his business to a new workshop situated off the M4 in Newbury. Having purchased a Class IV Sun MOT bay in 2013, Colin felt Snap-on was the logical supplier for his new Class VII bay.

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Date published: 15 December 2017


A&S MOT Ltd, Reading

Homa Ebrahim, owner of A&S MOT Ltd in Reading, tells us why he picked Snap-on to provide his MOT bay and wheel aligner. 

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Date published: 1 December 2017






Sun/Snap-on DSS 10 Diesel Smoke Meters Will Be Updateable To The New Specifications

On 20 May 2018 the new roadworthiness directive will introduce new MOT emission limits for some diesel vehicles.

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Date published: 28 November 2017



Snap-on Diagnostic Software Upgrade 17.4 Saves Time In The Workshop

The new update to Snap-on’s diagnostic platform software saves time in the workshop and puts new information for thousands of vehicles and systems into the hands of technicians.

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Date published: 26 October 2017


Snap-on Software Upgrade 17.2 Brings New Diagnostic Coverage

The latest update to Snap-on’s diagnostic software brings coverage of thousands of new vehicles and systems to the fingertips of technicians.

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Date published: 12 June 2017


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