Offer 3 Free Months of ZEUS Data Services

Limited time promotion from September 28th, 2020 until January 2nd, 2021

ZEUS Intelligent Diagnostics and Information System


  • Expired ZEUS Prepaid Plan customers
  • New ZEUS customers

The Offer?

When your customer purchases a Prepaid Plan or subscribes their ZEUS, they will receive 3 Free Months of data services



Special List

1-year Prepaid Plan (12 months)

15 months


3-year Prepaid Plan (36 months)
(First time purchase)

39 months



(Regular list $1,428)

15 months



How Does It Work?

Prepaid Plans 1-year or 3-year

Sell the Prepaid Plan as you normally would – We will automatically add 3 months to the expiration date at the end of this promotion period

  • Enroll the customer in the subscription program using SOC promo code ZEUS15412SUB
  • The customer will receive the special promotional price and…
    • Experience reduced payments for the first 15 months:
      Instead of regular payment of $99.91 each, the monthly payments are $79.93 per month, plus applicable taxes.

example of ZEUS Plus 3 month promo flyerWhen Can I Renew a Pre-Paid Plan or offer a Subscription to an expiring Prepaid Plan?

Pre-Paid Plan Renewals (Prepaid Plan to Prepaid Plan)

1-year Data Plan renewals offered by ScanBay within 90 days of expiration of the existing Prepaid Plan.

Subscription Enrollments (Prepaid Plan to Subscription)

Offered through ScanBay within 14 days of expiration of the existing Prepaid Plan. Enrollment fees waived when going to a subscription.

Does this promotion only apply to customers that are expiring?

Use this promotion to close any ZEUS sale.

How to promote it?

Expired ZEUS Prepaid Plan Customers

Franchisees with expired ZEUS Prepaid Plan customers received an email with links to print or forward personalized flyers.

New ZEUS Customers

For new ZEUS customers, download a flyer to personalize here

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