Keep Repairs and Profits In-House with New European Coverage for Snap-on Diagnostic Software

With each new software upgrade, Snap-on® continues to increase its optional European coverage to help automotive repair shops continue to be highly profitable.

The optional European coverage available in Software Upgrade 17.4 includes 2016 model year updates for BMW®, Land Rover®, Volvo®, Smart® and Mini®, as well as many other top features to keep even the toughest European repair jobs in-house.

“Understanding European cars can be complicated, so technicians need their diagnostic tools to be current delivering clear and accurate information,” said Leian Wunderlich, software marketing and program manager for Snap-on Diagnostics.

“With the new Software Upgrade 17.4 European coverage offered, technicians get true Snap-on reliability, support and coverage so they don’t have to turn a job away because they didn’t have access to a specific vehicle system.”

Software Upgrade 17.4 with optional European coverage includes rich new coverage including:

  • BMW F Series - special function for parking brake workshop mode to supply the necessary capabilities to work on the rear brakes
  • Volkswagen® and Audi® - readiness seven-digit readout to vehicle specific menu so technicians don’t need to go into expert mode to find this function 
  • Porsche® 911 axle lift system - factory tool capability for 2012 and newer models
  • BMW, Volkswagen and Audi Expert Mode - ETHOS® Edge joins the current diagnostic line of products including the SOLUS™, MODIS™, VERDICT®, VERUS® Families and ZEUS™ to offer enhanced tool capabilities with factory settings, and change and clear system settings. General repair shops familiar with expert mode use it to reprogram or recode modules, change vehicle settings, read electrical control unit IDs, check diagnostic trouble code memory, check readiness code settings and gain security access 

Plus, the Software Bundle 17.4 optional European coverage includes Jaguar® passenger seat modules, BMW F Series headlight driver modules, LED main light modules and frontal light electronics, Porsche communication management on select Panamera, Boxster and 911 vehicles, Mercedes-Benz® weight sensing systems on all applicable vehicles and much more.

Software Upgrade 17.4 covers 49 domestic, Asian and European vehicle makes with general repairs as well as expanded collision repair coverage.

It features new 2017 factory-level coverage for Buick®, Cadillac®, Chevrolet®, GMC®, Lexus®, Toyota®, Nissan®, Infiniti®, Mazda® and Subaru®.

It also provides access to over 4.9 million codes, tests, tips and data for 1981-2017 model years, with the most extensive coverage outside of the factory tool.

Learn more about Snap-on Software Upgrade 17.4.

Date published: 13 November 2017.

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