Power Up. Power On. Empower On with New Snap-on Diagnostic Software Features


The Snap-on® diagnostic Software Upgrade 18.2 is more powerful than ever with new features that build on well-known OEM-specific general and collision repair coverage core competencies to offer added speed, access and accuracy.

The newest release is power packed with more capabilities to move performance and productivity to levels not experienced before. 

“Today it is more than just keeping coverage up-to-date, but also enhancing features and capabilities to maximize a technician’s diagnostic tool investment, powering up the tool’s performance so that it is even better than the day they bought it,” said Leian Wunderlich, software program manager, Snap-on Diagnostics.

“New features in Software Upgrade 18.2 do more than help them diagnose problems quickly, it drives them to power on confidently through the toughest repairs.” 

In addition to OEM-specific coverage for 100 vehicle systems and 49 manufacturers with more than 400,000 new and enhanced codes, data, tests and tips and 2017 model year coverage, Software Upgrade 18.2 provides brand new platform features so technicians can get the information they need right on the tool. 

One such feature is Edge Series and ZEUS™ platforms’ new quick lookups found on the home screen of the tool for fast access.

The tire and wheel service lookup offers informational reset procedures, scanner reset procedures, and tire fitment and repair procedures.

The quick lookup for oil change and service resets tells how much oil a vehicle takes without ever leaving the bay when performing an oil change reset.

Shops see more profit because more jobs can get done in a day.

Technicians will also appreciate topic-specific help for ZEUS, VERUS® and VERDICT®. The HELP button takes users to a dedicated topics page with step-by-step instructions using guided overlays to make getting help easy. 

Other time-saving tool-specific features help service vehicles faster and more accurately, such as unbelievably fast boot-up, a printable vehicle system report, exclusive TSBs, campaigns and recalls, and SureTrack® expert information.

The latest software also offers expanded functional tests, resets, adaptions, Fast-Track® Guided Component Tests, Auto ID, One-Touch Code Scan and Clear, and much more.

The biggest and newest diagnostic solution innovation in the market is Intelligent Diagnostics. Available on Snap-on APOLLO D8™ and ZEUS, Intelligent Diagnostics is software that is comprehensive enough to guide technicians through every step required to find the solution, while eliminating the steps they don’t need, displaying only information that is relevant to the specific vehicle and fault code.

From technical service bulletins and scanner smart data, to SureTrack® expert information, Intelligent Diagnostics is the most sophisticated and intuitive software Snap-on has ever created. 

With Upgrade 18.2, Snap-on offers more purchase options, including multi-year, one year and six month continuous software upgrade packages to meet every customer need.

Learn more about Software Upgrade 18.2.

Date published: 30 April 2018

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