SureTrack Real Fix: Why Does My Car Keep Dinging?

SureTrackThis is a Fun One. This may be one of the most annoying problems that your customer will be more than happy to have you fix.

Just think, you’re driving down the road and suddenly your horn honks at the car in front of you, or the door ajar light comes on and the dash chime feels the need to warn you that your door is “open”……every ten seconds.

Save your customer’s sanity and check out this Real Fix. Inside are two quick troubleshooting procedures to help you isolate the door switch and expedite your repair.

2002, Ford Explorer, 4.6

Accessories and Body, Cab

B1321, Replaced Driver Door Ajar Switch

The customer states the horn and flashers come on intermittently.

Connected a scan tool and found code B1321 – Driver Door Ajar Circuit Short to Battery or Open. Performed a visual inspection of the vehicle and verified that the driver door ajar switch had no obvious faults. Disconnected the driver door ajar switch, performed a resistance test on the switch using an multi-meter, placed the switch in the closed position and found the resistance value was not within the specified range. Bypassed the driver door ajar switch with a jumper wire between the driver door ajar switch connector on the harness side and found the door ajar warning stopped. The jumper wire confirmed the driver door ajar switch harness had no faults.

Replaced the driver door ajar switch, cleared the fault code, opened and closed the door several times and verified the fault was no longer present.

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