SureTrack Real Fix: How Do I Get Out of Park?

SureTrack Here’s a nice technical tip, most automatic transmission shifters or gear selectors have a shift interlock bypass switch. Typically, the bypass switch is covered by a small piece of plastic near the gear selector trim panel. Remove the bypass switch cover, depress the switch, and you should be able to move the gear selector freely. Today’s Real Fix of the Day is the next step in diagnosing what caused the gear selector to get stuck in the first place.

2001 Infiniti I30 (Base), 3.0L

Won't Shift Out Of Park, Replaced Brake Light Switch Connector

The customer states the automatic transmission shifter will not shift out of park.

Verified the customer’s complaint and found the automatic transmission shifter would not move from the park position. Inspected the automatic transmission shifter system, depressed the brake pedal, and found the brake lights did not operate. Performed a visual inspection of the brake light switch and found the brake light switch wiring harness was damaged at the connector.

Replaced the brake light switch connector, performed a road test and verified the vehicle operated properly. The customer's concern did not return.

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