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SureTrackIs your customer’s 4WD Light on? Is their transfer case stuck in one gear? If the answer is yes, your customer will have some problems they will need you to fix. Depending on the failure, your customer could undesirably be stuck in 4WD, or stuck in Neutral wishing they could be four wheeling.
Regardless, one good place to start on this vehicle is the transfer case selector switch. These switches do fail, and the switch itself is easily accessible for testing.
The Real Fix below contains a great diagnostic procedure for determining whether the transfer case selector switch is still operational, helping you find the fastest path to fixed.

2000 Chevrolet Suburban K1500 5.3

B2725, Replaced Transfer Case Selector Switch

The customer states the four wheel drive (4WD) light is on and intermittently, the 4WD gear selector will not shift into another position.

Connected a scan tool and found code B2725 – Active Transfer Case (ATC) Mode Switch Circuit. Monitored live data with the scan tool, shifted to all positions and found the transfer case switch parameter did not read in the four-wheel drive (4WD) high position. Raised the vehicle, disconnected the transfer case selector switch and used a multi-meter to perform a resistance test between the five volt reference and signal wires. Shifted the 4WD gear selector from neutral to the 4WD high position, and found the measured resistance was out of limits. Specifications stated the transfer case selector switch resistance should have been 8.63-9.54 kohms in neutral and 1.50-1.53 kohms while in 4WD high.

Replaced the transfer case selector switch, cleared codes, test drove the vehicle and completed the code set enable criteria. The 4WD light did not illuminate and no fault codes returned.

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