SureTrack Real Fix: What is a Short Runner Valve?

SureTrackA short runner valve controls the volume of an intake plenum. By controlling the volume of the intake plenum, the short runner valve regulates the amount of air entering the engine. When accelerating from a stop, a short runner valve decreases the volume of air to allow air to enter the engine faster. As the RPM and load increases, the short runner valve increases the volume of air to allow more air to enter the engine. Today’s Real Fix of the Day reveals the flaws of a short runner valve and the replacement of the plenum chamber, or upper intake manifold, to remedy the customer’s concern.

Common Replaced Parts

2007, CHRYSLER 300 Touring, 3.5L

P1004, Replaced Plenum Chamber

The customer states the check engine light is on.

Connected a scan tool and found code P1004 - Short Runner Valve Control Performance. Disconnected the short runner valve connector and connected a 12 volt test light to ground. Probed the automatic shutdown relay output in the short runner valve connector and actuated the automatic shutdown relay with the scan tool. Observed the test light illuminated brightly, as specified. Connected the 12 volt test light to the battery positive and probed the short runner valve solenoid control circuit. Actuated the short runner valve solenoid with the scan tool and found the test light illuminated on and off with each command. Removed the short runner valve control solenoid for further inspection and found the valve within the plenum chamber was binding.

Replaced the plenum chamber, cleared codes, performed a road test and verified the vehicle operated properly. The check engine light did not illuminate and no fault codes returned.

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