Secure Vehicle Gateway™

The Secure Vehicle Gateway solution offers access to secure OEM vehicle gateway modules. Snap-on is approved by FIAT Chrysler (FCA) for direct access from the scan tool to the FCA vehicle gateway module for 2018 and newer models. Learn more about Secure Vehicle Gateway

Service Resets and Relearns

Snap-on serves up all the necessary information about related and required repair procedures that must be done to complete the whole job. It eliminates the time it takes to perform research manually and allows technicians to focus on getting the repair finished accurately and quickly.

Added capabilities in this release for ZEUS®, TRITON-D8®, APOLLO-D8™, and VERUS® Edge include Replace/Relearn Keys, Read/Write VIN, Reset Transmission Adaptions, and so many more.

Pre- and Post-scan Report Labeling

Pre- and post-scan labeling options on Vehicle System Reports spell out clearly each report’s purpose. Available with ZEUS®, TRITON-D8®, APOLLO-D8™, and VERUS® Edge.

Smart Data PID Lists

With this release ZEUS has been enhanced to make life even easier. Now it selects the PIDs needed ACROSS data lists. Of course, it leaves out the ones not needed.

On-Tool Training and Classes for Guided Component Tests

Over 70 topics and hundreds of on-tool courses ranging from 5-30 minutes, including Power User Tests, How To’s and more.


Intuitively Categorized Systems Menu

Each of our diagnostic tools offers categorized groups of commonly chosen systems, modules or procedures for quick and easy selection.

Instant ID

Vehicles identify themselves to the scan tool automatically, saving time and eliminating entry errors.

One-Touch Code Scan

Perform a quick and complete health check of all available systems, plus clear codes with one touch, saving time and preventing comebacks.

Ford Power Balance Test History

Enhanced the Ford Power Balance Test display by showing the current value along with a continuous record of its history, making it easier to identify and track power inconsistencies.


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