Shops rely on Snap-on for the most comprehensive OEM-specific coverage, innovative features and the ability to handle hundreds of motorcycle and automotive systems from 56 different manufacturers.

Our promise is to help customers handle new systems, new industry requirements and new challenges daily.

Secure Vehicle Gateway™

Our Secure Vehicle Gateway solution offers access to secure OEM vehicle gateway modules. Snap-on is approved by FIAT Chrysler (FCA) for direct access from the scan tool to the FCA vehicle gateway module for 2018 and newer models. Learn more about Secure Vehicle Gateway.

Intuitive System Menus

Each of our diagnostic tools offers categorized groups of commonly chosen systems, modules or procedures for quick and easy selection.

Pre- and Post-Scan Vehicle System Reports—Making the Ultimate Customer Connection

Build trust and drive satisfaction by performing pre-scan and post-scan reports to identify hidden issues and confirm repairs. Send pre-scan reports by email to customers to get repair okays quickly, too.

Award-Winning Safety and Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS) CoverageContinuous additions to our award-winning vehicle communications coverage
  • Continuous additions to our award-winning vehicle communications coverage
  • Software provides static recalibration using OEM targets
  • John Bean® and Hofmann® EZ ADAS™ Recalibration System compatible
  • Helps shops drive new business related to collision repair
Ford Power Balance Test & History

A user interface for the Ford Cylinder Contribution test that delivers a familiar look, the Ford Power Balance Test display shows the current value along with a continuous record of its history, making it easier to identify and track power inconsistencies.

Software Options

Snap-on offers a range of plans to guarantee your tool can be updated regularly to diagnose problems quickly, driving you to power on confidently through the toughest repairs. View a complete menu of software options.

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For new coverage additions, complete Asian, domestic and European software coverage detail, a comprehensive features comparison chart and more, download the Vehicle Coverage Guide.

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