Torque Certification

Modeled after Snap-on Diagnostic Certification, Torque Certification is an increasingly necessary program for  a variety of industries such as Wind Power, Automotive Repair, and Manufacturing.  Schools within the network will have their instructors certified as torque trainers.  All certifications are obtained from schools which are authorized as Certification Training Centers.

As an adjunct to its Certification program, Snap-on Industrial offers general, non-certificate torque training that includes safety, theory and technique. The benefits of this formal training include:
•    Observed, supervised environment
•    Opportunity for students to practice with direct feedback
•    Lab exercises developed for student success
•    The opportunity to train in an elite school

The  program offers certification on:


The TechAngle™ does the job of multiple torque wrenches and an angle gauge to complete precise “torque plus turn” specifications at a fraction of the cost. It saves you time on each and every application, maximizing shop productivity. The Snap-on® TechAngle™ wrench eliminates the need for angle gauges and protractors, providing the fastest, most accurate way to achieve torque plus angle tightening sequences now specified by many manufacturers. Digital readout shows you the torque setting and changes to the follow up angle you desire. Not affected by ratcheting, angle calculation is based on the same gyroscope technology that keeps helicopters flying level.


TECHMEMORY™ Electronic Torque Wrenches include TORQLOG™, a downloading software on CD for IBM PC’s and a 6' RS232 serial cable. The DOWNLOAD template provides basic statistical analysis of dumped readings. All models include 3 "AA" batteries for power. Comfortable, non-slip grip handle. Stand on handle bottom keeps tool from rolling off flat surface. Flex-head ratchet moves 15°. All models have a Low Battery Indicator and Auto Shutoff. Designed to withstand shocks without failure. Splash-proof to protect against water and most automotive shop fluid. Includes storage case.


Torque Tester/ Calibrator, Electronic (Manual Loader)

The TTC2000/TTC2800 Electronic Torque Tester/Calibrators feature the very latest digital circuitry for fast and accurate torque testing with the most advanced and user friendly system available today. At the heart of the system is the TTC610 or TTC810 Digital Indicator which automatically recognizes different transducers and electronically zeros the system – all without pushing one button. The TTC2000/TTC2800 System excels at versatile data acquisition, including measurement, storage, retrieval, statistical analysis and automatic downloading to the built in serial printer or an external printer/computer. Use the TTC2000/TTC2800 System to accurately test all types of torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, torque multipliers, cable tensiometers, tension and compression gauges as well as power tools such as nut runners, and electric/pneumatic screwdrivers.