Power Tools

The Power in Power Tools

Check the specs – Snap-on Power Tools are built to deliver power and speed.  But there are three things that set Snap-on power tools apart from all the rest: comfort, reliability, and durability.  

So, when Snap-on designs a power tool to carry the Snap-on brand, we make sure that it not only can do a job, but it will perform to professional demands.  Snap-on branded power tools are made in Snap-on factories under the supervision of Snap-on engineers and product specialists.

Our cordless tools deliver industry leading power to meet the needs of today’s technicians.  Check out the CT4850HO cordless 1/2” Drive Impact Wrench — it sets a new standard for performance. See for yourself why we call it   "The Mother of All Cordless Impact Wrenches".

Our traditional impact wrenches in 3/8” and 1/2” drive – the MG325 and the MG725 Impact Wrenches —  lead their categories in light weight, balance and performance.  In addition, both feature 2 year warranties.

When it comes to innovation, look for Snap-on products like the PS4612 DA Sander with the fully adjustable hand grip to fit your palm like no other product on the market.

Call your Snap-on Industrial sales representative or visit our Contact Us page for additional contact information.

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