Every year, hundreds of thousands of workers are injured on the job by one of their most trusted coworkers…their tools. In order to help prevent these injuries, Snap-on Industrial offers complimentary on-site safety meetings.

The purpose of these meetings is to educate and motivate workers in the safe and productive use of hand tools. They typically last 30-60 minutes, and are free of charge.

The training is provided by Snap-on Industrial’s hand tool experts. Tailored to audiences in Oil and Gas, Aviation, Technical Education, Fleet Repair, and General Industry, training covers the basics of safe hand tool usage.

Product categories covered include Wrenches, Pliers, Screwdrivers, Hammers, Punches & Chisels, Ratchets, and Sockets.

To schedule a complimentary Hand Tool Safety Seminar contact your Snap-on Industrial Representative or call