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Features and Benefits:
• Records and plays back still images and video clips
• 3.5 inch display offers large viewing screen
• Quick-change connector enables use of optional length, specialized purpose imagers
• Removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack
• Can operate BK6000 while charging the battery
• Integrated stand and hangar for flexible positioning
• Easy-to-use, multi-language interface
• 2x digital zoom for increased viewing and recording flexibility
• Mini USB connector for uploading images and video to a computerfor viewing and e-mailing
• External SDHC card slot –using SD cards, save images and videos to take with anywhere
• Control handle disengages to allow greater maneuverability of imager
• Audio input jack for recording comments with optional ear bud & microphone attachment
• Two-year warranty for added purchase security

Kit Includes Digital Scope and these accessories: BK6000-1 Lithium-ion Battery, BK6000-2 S-Hook, BK6000-6 Carry Case, BK6000-10 Battery Charger, BK6000-12 USB Cable, BK5500-1 36” Standard Imager and BK5500-2 Mirror & Magnet


Snap-on BK6000 Portable Video Inspection Tool 
Finally, a portable video inspection tool that is tough enough to take on any dangerous field assignment and dependable enough to capture sound, video and photos that can be used as evidence in a court of law. With a bright LED light and up to ten feet of reach, this portable video inspection tool is built by Snap-on, so you know it’s professional quality. With an imaging head as small as 7/32” that can fit on a 36” or 120” flexible cable, you can now easily check and inspect those hard to reach areas, such as crevices inside automotive panels, glove compartments, truck beds, wheel wells, street sewers, boxes, hollow walls, drain pipes, and even suspicious packages.

For more information contact your Snap-on Industrial Representative
at 1-866-824-0525.

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