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SNAP-COIL Tool Anchors

Lanyard attachment points on tools used at height need to be strong, durable and reliable. 

Welded links could fail so we invented the Snap-Coil. Now there are no welds to inspect or break. 

Made from stainless steel in several sizes, Snap-Coils have superior flexibility and shock-absorbing qualities over welded fittings. 

Snap-Coils are fitted in-house by our technicians and are not sold separately.

A Snap-Coil is not designed to "breakaway" from the operator if the tool is snatched into machinery or trapped in steelwork when climbing. No "breakaway" device can be guaranteed 100% reliable in all circumstances.

Machinery should be shut down before tools are used nearby. Before climbing tools should be securely clipped into Tool@Height bags or pouches.


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