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Fire & Rescue Cable Cutters
The risk of entanglement to a Firefighter is considerable, especially in modern buildings. When cable conduit melts it creates a web of wire that can potentially entrap the Fireman. To deal with this problem we have developed a solution with Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, who collaborated on the pouch design. The TAH803SET set comprises KS0803 Cutters, a 1 metre Lancoil lanyard, and a sturdy Belt Pouch.


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The KS0803 cutters can be used by the Firefighter to free himself from cabling which may get entangled around the breathing air cylinders of the apparatus. They can be used individually or in the buddy/buddy system if required. 

The 1 metre Lancoil lanyard is fitted with manganese bronze swivels and stainless steel lockable snap-hooks. One snap-hook is attached to the cutters while the other end is attached to a “D” ring fitted inside the pouch. The Lancoil gives the Firefighter optimum flexibility to use the tool without restriction and, if the tool is dropped, it will dangle and not be lost on the floor in limited visibility.
Made from durable, easy to clean, PVC coated polyester, the pouch has a reinforced internal insert to eradicate wear when the nose of the cutters is pushed into the pouch. There is also a water drain hole in the bottom. The pouch has a quick release Velcro fastened flap and is large enough to house the Cutters and the Lancoil comfortably. 

Fitted on the BA (Breathing Apparatus) belt on the user’s right hand hip (as shown in the adjacent picture, from the rear of the belt) the Cable Cutter Set is easily accessible.
Pouches have to be secured to the BA by non-permanent means as they are non-OEM equipment. This is done by an adjustable toggle loop and shackle mechanism with double sewn end flap to prevent accidental release, making the pouch semi-permanent yet removable when needed.

Testing & Certification
All Tools and Lanyards in the Snap-on Tools@Height range are dropped tested and certified in accordance with the Snap-on ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

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