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The GP300 comprises a robust KRA6200F chest fitted with tool control foam inserts in the top tray and drawers. GP300I (imperial tools) and GP300M (metric tools) kits are available.
KRA6200F features:-
• Wider side walls with added corner gussets to keep corners square.
• Three padded stiffeners behind front cover strengthen cover and protects drawers.
• Top compartment has internal drawer release for independent drawer operation.
• Lid and front cover are hinged together for quick and easy access to all tools.
• Overlap on lid allows water to flow past without entering the front section.
• Lid lock has t-handle to allow lid to be locked or opened without key.
• Strong bottom panel with two sets of support channels absorbs transport shocks.
• 1” tubular ISO-Frame with 2-way forklift channels + top and bottom strap points.
• KRA600 is supported on anti-vibration mounts.
• ISO-frame designed to sit on 24" deep roll cab.
• LOCK’N ROLL system stops drawers jostling open.
• Ball slide capacity 227 lbs (103 kg) per drawer.
• Optional waterproof cover.





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