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Our kit design and build capability is considerable and ranges from man-portable units to large roll-cabs and includes Standard and Special Tools@Height kits:-

Part Number Type Sector
THKIT-GP100  Portable Drilling/Energy/Industrial
THKIT-WP100 (Wind Turbine Maintenance) Portable Renewable Energy
THKIT-BE100GP Portable Nuclear Power Generation
THKIT-GP200SEL (Crane Maintenance) Portable Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing
THKIT-GP300 Tool Chest Drilling/Energy/Industrial
THKIT-BE-FIS Roll Cab Nuclear Power Generation
THKIT-BE-LT (Leak Test) Portable Nuclear Power Generation
THKIT-GP500 Roll Cab Drilling/Energy/Industrial
THKIT-GP500W (Metric & Whitworth tools) Roll Cab Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing
THKIT-BE500EL (1000V tools) Roll Cab Nuclear Power Generation
THKIT-BE006 (Mech Maintenance) Roll Cab Nuclear Power Generation
THKIT-BE007 (Fuel Route) Roll Cab Nuclear Power Generation
THKIT-BE008 (Flask Hall) Roll Cab Nuclear Power Generation
THKIT-BE015 (Cooling Pond) Roll Cab Nuclear Power Generation
THKIT-AWE500GP Roll Cab Nuclear Warhead Maintenance
THKIT-FMC500 Roll Cab Drilling - Offshore
THKIT-EL500 (1000V tools) Roll Cab Drilling/Energy/Industrial
THKIT-GP1000 (incl 1000V tool section) Roll Cab Drilling/Energy/Industrial
THKIT-AKL  Tool Set Drilling - Offshore
THKIT-AKXL  Tool Set Drilling - Offshore
THWDKIT1  Tool Set Drilling - Land
PSTAHKIT  Tool Set Drilling - Offshore
THKIT-STS (Scaffold Tools) Tool Pouch Drilling/Energy/Industrial
TAH803SET (Cable Cutters) Tool Pouch Fire & Rescue
TOOL-SAFE (TAH + TCMax + Level 5) Roll Cab Aerospace/Energy/Industrial
TOOL-SAFE AUTO (TAH + ATC) Roll Cab Nuclear Power Generation
TOOL-SAFE MOD-10 (TAH + TCMax + Workshop) 10' Module Drilling - Offshore

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