Reactivating (Expired) SureTrack Community Access

After obtaining a new software upgrade/plan you will receive a new SureTrack activation code.

You need to enter the new code into your Snap-on Technician Profile at each software version upgrade, to reactivate your access to SureTrack Community.

How you get your activation code is dependent on how you update your tool:

If you have your sales representative update your tool, the activation code is printed on your sales receipt. Authorization codes are 12 digit alpha-numeric codes (e.g. 123ABCAP4-US).
If you perform your own software updates (via direct download to your tool), visit to get your activation code.

If you cannot find your activation code please contact customer service.

Once you have your new activation code, you need to enter it into to your Snap-on Technician Profile.

1. Using a mobile device, PC, or applicable diagnostic tool, visit and select Login from the main screen.

2. Log in using your Snap-on Technician Profile username and password.
3. On the Account Information tab, enter your SureTrack Activation code in the SureTrack Community Activation Authorization Key field along with the Expiration Date.

4. Select Save.