Setting Up SureTrack Community Access

What You Need

Current SureTrack Activation Code
Snap-on Technician Profile
The SureTrack Community is an online application, therefore you will need access to a PC/Mobile device, or a diagnostic tool with an Internet browser (e.g. ZEUS+, ZEUS or VERUS Edge).

Finding your SureTrack Activation Code

When you purchase a qualifying upgrade/plan, or qualifying diagnostic tool from your Snap-on Representative, you will receive a SureTrack activation code. The activation code is printed on your sales receipt. Activation codes are 12 digit alpha-numeric codes (e.g. 123ABCAP4-US).

If you cannot find your activation code please contact customer service.

You will need to enter the new code into your Snap-on Technician Profile at each software version upgrade to keep your access to SureTrack Community.

Creating a Snap-on Technician Profile

If you do not have an existing Snap-on Technician Profile, you will need to create one and then enter your SureTrack activation code in it, before you can access the SureTrack Community.

To learn how, visit Snap-on Technician Profile Help (opens in new tab)