Discover Snap-on Tools

Welcome to the Snap-on Tools Franchise Discovery site! Your discovery begins with a self-guided tour that will give you a comprehensive look into the Snap-on Tools Franchise opportunity to see if it's a good fit for you and prepare you for your upcoming call with our local Franchise Manager. Becoming a franchise owner is a big decision for you and awarding a franchise is a big decision for us. Understandably, while you go through your discovery process and learn about our franchise opportunity, we will be going through our own selection process to ensure that we are a good fit for you too! During your discovery call, our Franchise Manager will guide you through the discovery process and make sure you have all of your preliminary questions answered. If you both agree that there is more to explore, then you will schedule a ride-along with a franchise business owner. The ride-along is for you to gather information about the Snap-on Tools Franchise opportunity while actually experiencing what it's like to operate a Snap-on Tools Franchise business!


Discovering the Business

The proven Snap-on Tools Model is comprised of three main areas:

  • Quality of Products
    • Our products universally recognized by our customers as the absolute highest quality
  • Strength of Brand
    • Our brand has a rich and storied past, but also a bright future

  • Value & Benefits of Franchise Model
    • Our franchising model will give you certain advantages:
      • Low Overhead Costs
      • Protected List of Calls
      • Hands-on Support & Training
      • Opportunity for Growth
      • Snap-on Credit Financing
        • Our affiliate, Snap-on Credit offers unique financing solutions for you and your customers
      • Mobile Store
        • It’s mobile! No building codes, rent or leasehold improvements
      • Growth Potential
        • Expansion is welcomed and encouraged


Understanding the Next Steps

Ride Along - Witness a business built on relationships

During the discovery process, you schedule a Ride Along with a Snap-on Tools franchisee. Franchisees spend their day building relationships and connecting with their customers, identifying their needs, and selling products and innovative solutions. You should expect to learn and experience first hand the Snap-on program:

  • Selling & Collection Process
  • Management of Daily Activities
  • Discover if a Snap-on Tools Franchise is the right fit for you

Below is a short video as a sneak peak of what the day in the life is really like!

After you take at least one ride-along with a franchisee business owner we'll want to hear your feedback and that of the owner you rode with to access the next step in the discovery process.


A Snap-on Tools Franchise business needs several components before it can open for business:

  • An expansive inventory of the best tools for your customers.
  • A mobile store designed to impress and support employees and customers
  • Accounts Receivable & Initial License Fee

Depending on the payment method for the various parts of the business, including the purchase or lease of the mobile store, the initial our-of-pocket expense will vary. The initial out-of-pocket expenses for a franchise when using Snap-on Credit financing range from $37,583 - $55,545. This includes $11,972 - $18,590 in additional funds for working capital. The estimated total investment range is from $169,223 - $382,235.


Snap-on and our affiliate Snap-on Credit are here to help, if qualified, Snap-on Credit can help with financing options. Other potential finance sources can include:

  • Your bank
  • SBA Financing
  • Cash Payment

We recommend you speak with your financial, tax and legal advisors to determine your best financing options.

FDD Disclosure

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a document required of all franchisors by the FTC and is designed, in part, for your protection. It describes in detail the Snap-on Tools Franchise opportunity. As part of your upcoming call, our Regional Franchise Manager will provide you with the Snap-on Tools FDD and be available to help you further discover our Snap-on Tools franchise business.

Additional Information

As part of the discovery process, we will request you complete & pass the Department of Transportation Physical, a drug test, a background check, and a credit application. For additional information regarding the items you will need to accomplish prior to having the opportunity to purchase a Snap-on Tools Franchise business we have prepared an informational guide for you. You will have an opportunity to review the guide with your Regional Franchise Manager during your upcoming call.


Proof of Funds

Establishing Sales Tax Number

Scheduling Physical & Drug Screen


A Peek at What's to Come

Once you complete your Ride Along here is an overview of what to expect in your next steps to your potential ownership of a Snap-on Tools Franchise business. First, we'll review your Ride Along experience and answer any questions you may have. Together, we will assess if we are a good fit for further discovery. Assuming we proceed, then we will meet to review your additional information, discuss our initial training schedule, and discuss what your first few weeks after becoming a Snap-on Tools franchise owner will look like. The initial training does not stop after the classroom. We will share with you our ongoing training opportunities that are available to Snap-on Tools franchisees and their employee. In the meantime, enjoy your discovery journey!