Snap-on Tools' There's a Difference

Congratulations on completing your ride-along! You enjoyed a firsthand look at a Snap-on Tools Franchise business owner utilize the Snap-on program to forge a strong relationship with the professional tool users at the locations where they apply their trade. By having these close customer relationships in which the franchise owner provides such personal service, Snap-on gleans insights into the changing needs of the customers.


While Snap-on has a 100-year legacy as the brand relied on by those who complete critical tasks, we never sit idle or become complacent. Instead, we are always listening to our franchisees and their customers to identify areas to provide additional productivity solutions. Snap-on knows it is imperative to produce high quality products and customer experiences to meet the expectations of our professional customers. Every day, we continue to strive to be the most valued productivity solution provider in the world. What sets us apart from all others is our lateral integration and ongoing spirit of innovation to meet the needs of our customers and the one-to-one nature of our customer service relationships. There is a difference and as a Snap-on Tools Franchise owner, you would be part of that difference!


Ride Along Report

If you have not already done so, please follow the link in your email to complete your Ride-Along Report prior to your upcoming call with our Regional Franchise Manager. It will help us get a better feel for your impressions from the ride-along and if you see yourself as a good fit for potential Snap-on Tools Franchise ownership.

In preparation for your upcoming call, let’s review what you may have noted during your ride -along and further explore the Snap-on Tools Franchise.


Innovative POS System

Did you observe the franchisee business owner was equipped with a custom point of sale (POS) system, we call “Chrome.” We designed Chrome to help the franchisees stay organized and maximize their time with customers instead of losing time with bookkeeping and inventory management. Chrome has many capabilities you may have not been able to experience on your ride-along, including:

  • Chrome Express Plus (Mobile POS Suite)
  • Electronic Contracts
  • Electronic Money Transfers
  • Customer Transfers
  • Product Transfers

Showroom on Wheels

You may have noticed that our Snap-on Tools Franchise program van is comfortable to operate as a two-person store. This is good to know, especially if your plans include hiring a Franchisee Assistant. Snap-on Tools has an established relationship with Lynch Display Vehicles (LDV). Mobile stores are designed to Snap-on specifications. LDV vehicles have supported franchisees for more than 30 years. The VersaFlex interiors provide maximum flexibility for product placement and merchandising. You may have noticed during your ride that the franchisee has also tailored the layout of the store for his or her customers. As a franchise owner, you would customize your store layout to meet the needs of your customers. Below is more information on LDV and the mobile stores.

Download LDV Info

Initial Training

Snap-on helps you get started in your business with initial hands-on training. Our training school is located in Grapevine, Texas. The “initial classroom training” is typically a live 10-day course, where we will show you the best practices that have been successful for other franchisees. Currently, we have modified the initial classroom training to be an online experience to comply with COVID-19 recommendations.

COVID-19 Info

After the classroom course, we conduct the “initial field training” to assist you as you begin business operations. One of our exceptional Franchise Performance Team members will conduct your initial field training both in person and over the phone.   This team member will be your expert resource for at least 3 weeks to help you get your store set up, take initial inventory, and guide you in implementing the Snap-on program as you meet and service the customers on your list of calls. Snap-on Tools Franchise Store Management Training (Level 2/FSMT2) will be delivered in two (2) sessions via web based meetings. FSMT2 - Session 1 will be scheduled four (4) to five (5) months after starting your franchise business and FSMT2 - Session 2 will be scheduled two (2) to four (4) months after Session 1. The primary owner of an Initial Franchise must attend both sessions. Each session consists of approximately seven (7) hours of training, which is intended to reinforce previous training after you have had actual experience in operating the franchise.

After your initial training is complete, we encourage you, and your employee (if applicable) to participate in ongoing training programs when offered. These may include Franchise Performance Team meetings, Franchise Development training, kickoff meetings and the Snap-on Franchisee Conference.  Throughout your time as a franchise owner, Snap-on is always looking to provide you with training experiences where you can learn more about products, hone your sales skills and learn innovative marketing techniques.


Ongoing Training

Another unique training experience we recommend throughout your time as a franchise owner is to participate in Business Contacts. A Business Contact is a review session conducted by a Snap-on Business Manager or other qualified Snap-on employee to identify potential opportunities for your business or utilize additional resources from our Franchise Performance Team that may help you achieve your goals.

Snap-on Franchise Performance Team

So, who are the Franchise Performance Team (FPT) members? You may not have met any FPT member on your ride along, but chances are, the Franchise business owner likely highlighted them. As a Snap-on Tools Franchise business owner, you have many sources from which to learn best business practices. As you found out in your ride-along, you may have opportunities to network with your fellow franchisees, but we also offer our Snap-on Tools Franchise Performance Team as an available resource on your Franchise business journey. Here is a brief overview of our Franchise Performance Team members and their roles:

Business Manager (BM) – Our Business Manager leads his Franchise Performance Team and is available to conduct an in-depth review of your Snap-on Tools Franchise business. He may offer advice as to how you may achieve your business growth goals. In order to help implement your plan, he may offer the assistance of other Franchise Performance Team members with varying specialties.

Sales Developer (SD) – Our Sales Developer will help you with customer driven selling skills, as well as design and implementation of promotional plans that may assist you in achieving your sales goals.

Diagnostic Sales Developer (DSD) – Our Diagnostic Sales Developer will help you understand, present and sell diagnostic equipment.

Franchise Developer (FD) – Our Franchise Developer will help you get started in operating your business.

In addition to your Franchise Performance Team, there are other Snap-on resources to assist you in operating your Snap-on Tools Franchise.

Customer Care Center (CCC) – With a phone call or an online search from your computer, you will be able to answer almost any question about products, shipping or inventory.

Snap-on Credit (SOC) – Snap-on Credit may provide financing for your customers to purchase larger products from you.


Final Steps

You are almost there! Prior to our next call, we want to ensure you have all of your questions answered and we have all the information needed for us to move forward with the potential offer of a Snap-on Tools Franchise.


Franchise Application

If you have not already done so, please follow the link in your email to complete your Snap-on Franchise Application. If you would like to be considered for financing by our affiliate Snap-on Credit, then please complete the personal expense worksheet found as a link in your email.

Remaining Tasks

  • All Franchisees must be a Legal Entity
    • Consult your accountant or financial adviser for advice on setting up your Legal entity

Corporation/Limited Liability Company Requirements

  • How will you be financing your Snap-on Tools Franchise?

Some Financing Options:

I trust you are enjoying your discovery of our Snap-on Tools Franchise opportunity and are coming to understand that when it comes to Snap-on, “There is a Difference!”  Feel free to reach out to our Regional Franchise Manager if you have any questions prior to your scheduled call.