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Nissan® Secure Gateway | April 13, 2023

Many OEM’s are starting to introduce secure gateway modules that restrict access to certain functions on newer model vehicles, unless you have authorized OEM credentials. Nissan® is the latest manufacturer to release their secure gateway to the aftermarket. Our Engineering teams have been working closely with Nissan® to allow access with our diagnostic products with their secure gateway solution. Our team has completed their portion of the work and these enhancements are in the latest software bundle (23.2). At this time, we are just waiting on the OEM manufacturer to activate their solution. Once this is released, customers with a Wi-Fi enabled product that is running current software will have the ability to gain full access (after updating profile manager and AutoAuth for Nissan® access). If your customer sees the screen below then it is because we are ready and waiting for Nissan® to activate this service. 

It is still possible to read codes, data, and clear codes without unlocking the Secure Vehicle Gateway. OEM credentials are only needed to perform certain functional tests.  

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