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Why "Own It"?

Be Your
Own Boss

When you’re a Snap-on Tools franchise owner, every day is what you make it. We just give you the tools to make it great. You will be your own boss and have a new level of freedom.  You will take control of your schedule and your future. You will have the name on the side of your very own mobile store and carry on the Snap-on legacy every day as you serve your customers with pride.


The Benefits of

You may know Snap-on as the leader in the tool industry. What you may not know is that Snap-on is also a great business opportunity.

What is a
Snap-on Franchise?

At its core, a franchise is an agreement between two parties that gives the franchisee the rights to market a product or service using the name of the franchisor. A Snap-on Tools franchise is a mobile tool store you own, selling the #1 tool brand in the world directly to professionals on a protected list of calls. It’s a proven business model we’ve honed for nearly 100 years. Our high-tech showrooms on wheels provide a complete retail shopping experience wherever they go, and they help you avoid the expenses most fixed-site franchises face.

Why should you own a
Snap-on Franchise?

Our system includes available financing, exceptional training and incentives for veterans. Along with these benefits, our franchisees appreciate the freedom and pride that comes with owning a Snap-on Tools franchise. 

Fred Villarreal, a Snap-on Tools franchisee in Texas talks about the his favorite part of being his own boss:

“You have a lot of fun during the day. It’s not a boring job going in at 8 coming in at 5, being inside the office. Personally, I’m someone that likes to be outside,” Villarreal says. “I really do recommend it to everyone else.” 

Chip Ellis, a franchisee in Florida, considers Snap-on Tools an American legacy and worldwide icon:

“At the end of the day, I’m very proud of what I do and I’m very proud to tell people that I own a Snap-on Tools franchise,” Ellis says.

With Snap-on, you are in control of your franchise, setting your own schedule and managing your customer relationships independently. However, you are never alone. You will receive continued support and training opportunities throughout your journey as a franchisee. Just like our tools, your franchise will get better and better with time.


Owning a franchise is a great way to take control of your future, but only one franchise can be the best. At Snap-on, we are proud to sell the tools most preferred by automotive technicians, but we are also proud of our investment in our franchisees. Take a look at how the Snap-on opportunity compares to other franchises.

  Snap-on Matco Mac
Number of franchisees      
Entrepreneur Ranking of Top Tool Franchises 1 2 3
Entrepreneur Ranking of Top Franchise for Veterans 1 n/a n/a
Entrepreneur Ranking of Top Franchise Brands 14 41 39
Franchise Business Review, Automotive Franchise Ranking #2 (Auto), n/a n/a
In-House Financing Y Y Y
Weeks of Initial Classroom Training 3 2 1
Weeks of Initial On-Store Training 3 2 2


Take the Quiz

Is owning a Snap-on franchise right for you? Take our quiz to find out.

  1. Do you want to be your own boss?
  2. Do you consider yourself a self-starter?
  3. Do you enjoy building relationships with people?
  4. Are you comfortable around tools and the automotive sector?
  5. Do you have any sales experience?
  6. Do you want to own your own business?

Mostly Yes: It sounds like you’re ready to change the course of your future, and becoming a Snap-on Tools franchise owner could be the right move. Take the first step to learn more about what could be the biggest decision of your life. *link to RFC*

Mostly No: Now may not be the right time for you to make this decision, but Snap-on could still fit into your long term future. While a franchise may not be right for you, we invite you to learn more about the company at

*We'd keep it simple based on the 'yes' and give them a score and suggest that they may be (answered yes to all, or all but 1 or all but 2) or may not be (answered yes to 3 or less) a great fit at this time and encourage them to learn more.*