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Existing Franchisee

Many franchisees have chosen to grow their business by hiring a Franchisee employee to assist them in building their business. Although, a Franchisee hiring an employee does not guarantee continued growth it may further spark the entrepreneurial spirit. A successful growth-oriented Franchisee may also have the desire and skills to continue their growth through the purchase of an additional franchise. Contact your Business Manager for more information about Additional Franchise opportunities.


Franchisee Assistants

Franchisees may hire employees at anytime to assist in their business. We highly recommend that all Franchisees with an Additional Franchise have an employee assisting them with sales so that the Franchise business owner can be off the van to develop their Additional Franchises and other employees. Snap-on Tools recommends you consult with your legal and financial advisors prior to hiring employees.

*The above video shows a US franchisee & assistant

Do you have questions about how to hire employees to assist with your business and how to stay compliant with payroll for all your employees? Snap-on Tools have an established relationship Altor and all Additional Franchisees will be required to pay a monthly fee to Altor. Altor has worked with Snap-on for over 12 years and have a great understanding of our business. Their role is to provide all the necessary employment and HR support for Multiple Franchise Owners and Franchisees with Assistants.

This service has a flat rate fee per month for any number of employees you have which is charged to your weekly Snap-on statement. This service is compulsory to all Multiple Franchise Owners or Franchisees with Assistants; but hopefully you will agree this is of great benefit and support to you when dealing with a difficult employment situation or setting up employment.

Services that they offer include:

  • Template employment contracts and employee policies/handbooks
  • Email and telephone help-line support 24/7
  • Bespoke letters e.g. invitations to performance meeting
  • In-person visits to talk you through difficult employee issues e.g. how to fairly dismiss an employee for misconduct
  • Monthly newsletter on key updates in employment law
  • Free attendance at training events

Additional Franchise Opportunity

Snap-on Tools Franchise business owners that illustrate consistent growth through utilisation of employees, exceptional operational skills, and proven business merit may also have the desire to purchase an Additional Snap-on Tools Franchise. Snap-on Tools encourages interested franchisees to explore the possibility with their Business Manager. If an Additional Franchise business is awarded it must be operated under the then current Snap-on Tools Franchise requirements.

Rights and obligations under the Additional Franchise are granted exclusively to the Franchisee signing a contract with Snap-on, not to any employee of the Franchisee.


Inventory Incentive

If you are purchasing an Additional Franchise, you will receive inventory having a franchisee cost of £13,000 at no cost to you. This incentive is designed to assist you in starting your Additional Franchise and provides ongoing continuity in the operation of that franchise. For that reason, in order to earn the inventory incentive you must operate the business under the Additional Franchise for a minimum of one year unless you transfer business assets to a franchisee approved by us.


Franchise Store Manager Training

Snap-on offers specific training for the Franchise Store Manager you hire to operate your Additional Franchise. This training program is outlined below:

  • 10 Days of Extensive Classroom Training
  • Customer Driven Selling
  • Selling and Collection Techniques
  • Product Knowledge
  • Snap-on Finance Financing for Customers
  • Franchise Business Management
  • Point of Sale System Training (Chrome)
  • A Minimum of 3 Weeks Training in Your Store


Potential Franchise Growth Cycle

Your experience building relationships can give you an advantage in a new Snap-on Tools Franchise business where your assistant also has established relationships in your original franchise territory. This is why we recommend taking the driver's seat in the new franchise while your assistant maintains or grows the original franchise territory.


Snap-on Tools Franchise Business Owner Self-Assessment

Is My Current Business Maximising Growth Potential

  • Have I consistently grown my Snap-on Tools Franchise business by utilising my Franchisee Assistant?
  • Have I leveraged Hot Tools, SFC and FPT meetings to grow my Snap-on Tools Franchise business?
  • Have I taken full advantage of the current Snap-on interactive events such as, Rock n' Roll, DSR's and other Snap-on branded events?
  • Have I been able to maximise all the Snap-on Tools promotions and other seasonal marketing plans within my current Snap-on Tools Franchise business?
  • Am I following all the Snap-on programmes successfully? CDS?
  • Have I successfully developed my Franchisee Assistant for additional responsibilities in my Snap-on Tools Franchise business?

Is Now the Right Time?

  • Have you discussed the opportunity with your spouse and/or loved ones?
  • What are your short and long term goals?
  • Are you ready to make the investment in time and resources?
  • Who will be your Franchise Store Manager?


Have a Plan!

We recommend that if you are seriously considering the additional franchise opportunity to have a plan. Here are some topics to consider:

  • Business Experience
  • Employees
  • Business Management
  • The Showroom on Wheels

To further assist in the planning process schedule a meeting with the Snap-on Tools Asset Manager who can share a  sample Business Plan and Operational Expense templates.

Will I Require Financing?

Financing is available for the Additional Franchise Opportunity. Remember to speak with your financial, tax and /or legal advisors to determine your financing options:

  • Snap-on Finance
  • Your bank
  • Cash payment

Finally, a Franchisee must be a Limited Company. If you are currently a Sole Trader consult the Franchise Operations Manual as to how you can set up your Limited Company.

What's Next?

Contact your local Business Manager and schedule an informational meeting to explore the possibility of an Additional Franchise!