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When aspiring techs start their careers with Snap-on tools and training, the best traditions of the American workplace are right there; in their hands and their hearts. Snap-on supports and salutes American workers, the work they do, and the dignity of the careers they pursue.



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Your Snap-on rep is at your service to help you select the tools you need for your immediate training and your future career. They have insight into the skills and trends that are shaping the technical workplace in America. It’s time to get to know your Snap-on rep! Ask your tech ed instructor or call the Snap-on Customer Service Center at 877-740-1900.


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3 reasons to ask your instructor about snap-on certifications

1 Supports the diverse needs of general service, automotive and light duty truck service techs
2 Provides metric and standard sizes and a large range of drives
3 Designed to serve service professionals in dozens of industries

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“The skills you master lift the spirits of America. The way you act and the potential you display give our nation hope, and the success you achieve in your chosen profession shapes the prosperity of our future. There is no doubt about this and I am confident you will be successful!” -- Nick Pinchuk, Chairman and CEO, Snap-on Incorporated